The Martha Graham Dance Company Gals Go For Broke ; Photo by Gianluca Scrofani

While performing for the Festival of Ancient Plays in Siracusa, Sicily, I created a video blog and short written piece about the experience (which was formidable).  Once again, dance brought me on a unique adventure.   A Postcard From Blakeley White-McGuire, Martha Graham Dance Company Principal Dancer June 19th, 2012 It is rare for concert… Read More

In this dance titled Woman,  I allowed myself to explore subtlety through improvising and developing the movements which eventually became this dance. Dancer Jacquelyn Elder and I used mirroring and leadership exchanges that generated instances of synching up or simply finding ourselves dancing together. This phenomenal experience helped me understand the value of creating with… Read More

These Worlds in Us from Blakeley White McGuire on Vimeo. These Worlds In Us Choreography by Blakeley White-McGuire Music by Missy Mazzoli Dancers:Jacquelyn Elder, Lloyd Knight, Maurizio Nardi, Ben Schultz and Blakeley White-McGuire These Worlds In Us was made possible by the generous funding of Geoff Fallon.… Read More