Audubon Bridge. Video and Choreography by BWM. Photography by Julie Lemberger.

Movement design by Richard Move – sculptures by Jeff Koons

Robert Wilson’s Snow on the Mesa. Performers, BWM and Masha Maddux

These Worlds in Us, choreography by BWM.


Lake Como, Italy. Photo by Guillermo Licurgo.

Nacho Duato’s Depak Ine. Dancers: Abdiel Jacobson, Lorenzo Pagano, Lloyd Knight, Natasha Diamond-Walker and BWM.


Dancers Masha Maddux, Blakeley White-McGuire and Ben Schultz in a photo shoot by Paula Lobo at Westbeth, NYC.

at the speed of time – choreography by BWM.



Towards the Exquisite Corps by Richard Move Dancers: Catherine Cabeen and BWM.



From the Grammar of Dreams by Luca Vegetti.