American Dance Festival

This summer, June 13th-July 21st, 2018 I will join the distinguished and exciting faculty for the American Dance Festival(ADF) where dancers from across the U.S. and across the world come to study Modern concert dance. The courses I will offer are Modern dance technique (Graham-based of course) and Variations (A repertory study and interdisciplinary compositional exploration of modern dance themes and contemporary practices. Dancers will be required to learn phrase work from three modern dances and subsequently compose/create original responses to these based on their own interdisciplinary practices and styles. A variety of artistic practices are welcome).

Here is a video of my work as a performer and maker that will, I hope, inspire dancers to come to the festival to study with me and with the community at ADF.

ADF students 2018 !!!





2018 Women in Dance Leadership Conference


In January, I was thrilled to participate in the 2018 Women in Dance Leadership Conference directed by Sandra Parks in collaboration with the Tisch School at NYU. I came away with vital ideas and a sense of expanding community support. It was a joy ! I performed my work “at the speed of time” and also the deeply moving “Speak Memory” by Jacqueline Buglisi. Dancing in the company of such thoughtful, developed and deeply committed artists was a experience and a teaching that will stay with me as I continue to create – dance, community, opportunity, work and beauty, everywhere I possibly can. I also reconnected with the extraordinary dance documentarian, Paula Lobo. She captured the images you see here.

Gestures That Matter – The Arts in Society Conference, Paris, France.

Speaking as embodied/somatic researcher in collaboration with Associate Professor Kim Jones from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte as literal/ephemeral researcher and choreographer –  we presented the process and methodology for our research and embodiment of the contemporary re-imagining of Martha Graham’s lost dance, Imperial Gesture (1935) to The Arts in Society Conference, 2017 in Paris, France.

Our presentation titled Gestural Lineage: Evoking feeling through practiced, intentional gestures for dance reconstruction, resonated strongly with the conference’s themes including art theory and history, authenticity and voice, the ethics of art and art practice
arts products, aura and artifact, mimesis, sense-making, authenticity, authority, and semiotics. I especially enjoyed that we presented research that was both practice and research focused.

I offer special thanks to my research and creative partner Kim Jones as well as Orsolina 28 for an inspired artistic residency.

Here is a link to Rafael Molina’s blog covering our presentation.



Open for Transmission

Blakeley OPT

The Moving Beauty Series proudly returns to production with Blakeley White-McGuire’s “Open for Transmission”.

Ms. White-McGuire invites you to this captivating evening of dance and spoken word. Using the power of beautiful bodies in motion and innovative audience engagement, “Open For Transmission” will stimulate your mind and transport your spirit to a new dimension. It’s all in the name of fost… See More — with Chanel DaSilva, Emily Dean, Lorenzo Pagano, Lauren Newman, XiaoChuan Xie, Kate Reyes, Blakeley McGuire and Jayoung Chung.

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